If you are facing bankruptcy, you may think that you cannot afford to pay a bankruptcy attorney’s fees. However, in reality, you may suffer much more financially if you attempt to file for bankruptcy without a lawyer. Hiring a qualified lawyer in San Diego can help you understand your rights and make the entire process faster, more efficient, and less stressful for you.

Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy Unnecessarily

First, if you believe that you need to file for bankruptcy, you should first consult with a bankruptcy attorney to ensure that it is actually the best move for you to make at this time. Bankruptcy is a complicated process, and there are many things that it can and cannot help you with. Without a working familiarity with this process and all that pertains to it, you may file for bankruptcy when it is not actually necessary or to avoid a situation that bankruptcy cannot solve.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You File Correctly

Filing bankruptcy under the wrong chapter is a common problem with people who do not work with a bankruptcy attorney. While most private consumers file under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, there are a few key differences between the two, and you will not benefit from filing under the wrong chapter. Your bankruptcy attorney in San Diego will analyze your case and determine the best chapter for you and all of the details you need to take care of to file correctly.

A qualified bankruptcy attorney will also help you stay on top of all necessary documentation and deadlines. Missing a deadline or forgetting a document could set you back or prevent you from filing for bankruptcy, but your bankruptcy attorney will be there for you to ensure that you have filled everything out completely, correctly, and on time.

Contact Our San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

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