Why Should I Get a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Joseph Crudo PLC is a lawyer in San Diego who specializes as a domestic violence lawyer. This means that he can offer you a long list of resources and support, and show you exactly why it is so important to get a domestic violence attorney if you wish to escape your current, troubling or dangerous situation.

When someone is living in a situation where domestic violence occurs, it often forces them to feel stuck or trapped. This is because there is a lot of emotional turmoil at work, including fear and confusion. It could be due to some financial constraints that an abuser uses to control the victim, and sometimes there are children involved, which makes things even more challenging.

At such times, a domestic violence attorney can step in and assist victims by helping them use the legal system as the ultimate form of protection. Though a victim of domestic violence may need to contact a hotline or law authorities to get themselves out of a dangerous situation, we can work as your domestic violence attorney and get the legal ball rolling.

For example, if you hire our firm as your domestic violence attorney and legal resource, we will:

  • Pursue a restraining order or protective order that prevents your abuser from approaching you, contacting you, or somehow harming you in any way – and this will apply to any children involved.
  • File the civil lawsuit also known as a domestic violence lawsuit, which provides you with the means of obtaining compensation for any medical bills, pain and suffering, and financial losses (such as missing work) due to the violence.
  • Begin the divorce process, if you are married to the abuser. Getting a divorce is separate from any other sort of lawsuit, but is important if you need financial support and wish to claim your property.
  • Start a custodial case, if there are children involved. Often enough, an abuser is also a parent and we can work with you to help you get custody of children as well as child support.
  • Mediate for you. It can be terrifying to sit opposite your abuser in court or in mediation. As your domestic violence attorney, we happily work with you as your representative at all times.

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