Why Should I Get a Foreclosure Attorney?

In answer to the question posed by the title of this article, we would say it is never of matter “if” but “when” should you get a foreclosure attorney. Joseph Crudo PLC is a lawyer in San Diego specializing in foreclosures, and his advice is to get in touch with him, as your San Diego attorney, even before foreclosure becomes a certainty.

Why? There are several things at work in the foreclosure process. One of the most challenging of them is the time line. Though many say that the clock begins ticking as soon as legal papers are filed against you for non-payment of your mortgage, the clock has actually been ticking long before that. It all starts when you realize that, although you are not yet behind on your mortgage, it is an inevitable outcome. Once it is clear to you that keeping up to date on the mortgage is not going to be possible, you should contact us as your foreclosure attorney.

During your first consultation with us, we are going to review the best next steps according to your situation. This is because foreclosure may not be the only thing in your future. We might be able to help you work with your lender to get a loan modification that puts the payments back into a more reasonable area. We may be able to help you if your lender has denied your request for a modification, or has made it far too challenging with multiple deadlines and forms.

Simply having a foreclosure attorney handling documentation and submissions puts a bit of pressure on the lender to behave accordingly, and that may be all that is needed to facilitate your modification.

If we cannot help with a modification, due to your financial limitations or the bank’s unwillingness, we can help you with the process of a “short sale.” This is a bit complex, and must involve your foreclosure attorney and a special realtor, but it could be far better for your financial future than the foreclosure process.

If neither of these options is workable, it is likely that you will eventually be served the legal papers indicating that you face foreclosure. You must legally respond to such documents, and here too, your attorney is an essential asset, ensuring everything is done accordingly, giving you time to arrange your affairs or determine if there is anything else to be done.

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Even if your home is listed as a foreclosure sale, a qualified foreclosure attorney is still of use, and may be able to help you prevent the sale. If you have additional questions about a foreclosure or foreclosure attorney, give us a call at our San Diego, CA office at 858-622-7280. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.