When it comes to estate planning, many people assume that they can do it all on their own. After all, a simple Google search will yield numerous DIY legal documents, and you can purchase any number of software suites that claim to do it all for you. However, attempting to do your own estate planning without a wills and estates attorney is never a good idea.

What Is Estate Planning?

To understand why you should contact a wills and estates attorney in San Diego, it’s important to first understand estate planning. The process of estate planning includes all actions taken to plan for your own financial security throughout your life and to protect your heirs’ financial wellbeing after your death.

Estate planning requires drafting documents that articulate – in a manner that is legal and binding in your state – your exact end-of-life wishes for your estate. Good estate planning will also include planning to minimize your heirs’ tax burdens, and to account for any updates or new legislation made in your state concerning estate law, as well as any implications if you own property in multiple states.

Estate planning does not simply cover your end-of-life wishes, though. It should also cover your wishes should you be incapacitated or disabled in any way.

Talk With a Qualified Wills and Estates Attorney in San Diego

If you are considering planning your estate or drawing up a will, you should talk to the right lawyer in San Diego. You may only need the most basic legal advice, if you only own property in a single state and you do not have a number of heirs to split it between. You may also need more in-depth advice and counsel concerning property in multiple states, splitting property among heirs, and minimizing any tax burden left on your heirs upon your death or incapacitation.

Not all attorneys are qualified to give advice on estate planning, though, and you may want to consult with more than one attorney concerning different aspects and elements of your estate.

Contact Our San Diego Lawyer Today

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