Have you recently been in a slip and fall accident? You are not alone. These accidents happen every single day and can lead to serious injury, time off from work, and suffering. We will go over some facts about these types of accidents to give you a better idea of how prevalent these situations are, and how many times they are a result of negligence.

Important Facts about Slip and Fall Accidents

Many slips and fall accidents occur in locations like gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, malls, bars, and nightclubs. In most cases, whether offered in these places or not, the accidents are caused by some kind of liquid on the floor. At a bar, someone might slip on a spilled drink. At a grocery store, it might be liquid from a product for sale. A leaky gas nozzle can cause an accident at a gas station.

It is an unfortunate fact that many store cameras will not pick up what occurred. This can be for many reasons. Sometimes there are simply no cameras available, and other times the store deletes the footage, so it’s something that can be hard to prove. That said, your lawyer in San Diego can often use the lack of evidence against the store in trial or negotiations.

In some cases, a store employee will do nothing to help the person who has slipped and fallen. There are many incidents that a slip and fall lawyer can recount where clients were left on the floor, embarrassed and injured. This makes the store look bad, both because the accident was their fault and because they want to simply ignore it.

Unfortunately, when people slip and fall it can lead to significant injuries. If you fall with your arms outstretched it can cause shoulder sprains that result in torn labrums, fractured shoulders, and more. Your attorney in San Diego can help you determine if the injury was a fault of the store or not, and what options you have to rectify the situation.

A store is not negligent simply because you fall on their property, as there are many cases where the other person did nothing wrong. If nobody is aware of the mess that caused the fall, there may be nothing that can be done. However, if that liquid was there for an extended amount of time without any cleanup, you may have a case where you can be compensated for the accident.

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