If you, or a member of your family, was injured due to the negligence of another person or even a business, you could have a personal injury case. Personal injuries are a very common type of lawsuit, with auto accidents ranked as one of the most common kinds of personal injuries. However, there are many other types of personal injury cases and Joseph Crudo, PLC in San Diego, CA wants to help you with any personal injury issues.

As your attorney in San Diego, Mr. Crudo should be the first person to phone if you feel that you have sustained some sort of injury that is due to the negligence of another. A brief list of potential reasons to get in touch with a personal injury attorney would include:

  • Auto accidents that were not your fault
  • Injuries you sustained at work
  • Injuries you sustained at a construction site
  • A slip and fall injury in a public location or a shop or store
  • Injuries (including death) due to faulty products

Obtaining a lawyer in San Diego is the first step towards claiming the compensation that is yours for any pain or consequences resulting from negligence. After all, if you experience something like a slip and fall in the grocery store because no one bothered to put up “wet floor” signs, why should you pay for any medical expenses relating to that fall? What if you hit your head and suffer permanent or long term problems? That is not your fault, so personal injuries attorneys are a necessity in pursuing your case.

Unfortunately, with many personal injuries, the persons injured do not realize that they need to act right away to preserve the evidence or ensure that the guilty parties do not try to avoid their responsibilities. Unfortunately, your injuries may have your full focus, but a good attorney can take care of all the legal issues while you focus on recovering.

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