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Workplace injuries are fairly common, but what most
workplace injuries employees do not know is that they are entitled to workers’ compensation if the injury is serious enough. A workplace injury must occur within the workplace, or be an effect of being exposed repetitive motions or hazards. The injury can be caused from misusing the equipment, not following safety measures, working in a contaminated environment, harsh labor, or just a simple accident. Whatever the cause of your accident, it happened at the expense of your employer. At the law office of Joseph C. Crudo, PLC in San Diego, we have helped a countless amount of workers file for workers’ compensation or for personal injury liabilities. We are here to help you through every step of your claim.

Common Workplace Injuries


Falls can be anything from falling off the top of a building if you work in construction, or slipping and falling on wet floor if you work in a restaurant. Although there are safety regulations to prevent these sorts of accidents, severe accidents still happen. A fall can result in broken bones, paralysis, and in some cases, death.

Repetitive Motions

This type of injury is applicable to workers who have to repeat the same motions all day. For example, typing all day everyday can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, making it painful to type.

Toxic Exposure

There are high risk jobs where workers must handle or be around hazardous chemicals or other harmful substances.

Emotional and Psychological Pain

This will include any psychological or emotional damage that has caused you any stress related disorders or other psychological problems from working in a high stress or hostile environment. This can include any workers who face discrimination for their gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity.

Hazardous or Defective Equipment

If equipment is old or has not been maintained properly, it can be potentially dangerous. This can cause serious injuries to workers.

Toxic Substances

If you are exposed to toxic substances like asbestos, you can suffer from serious illnesses like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Inadequate Training

If a worker has not been trained properly, this can result in injuries that could have been prevented with proper safety training.

Inadequate Safety Guidelines

Workplaces have rules for a reason, to keep workers safe. Without proper rules, accidents can be more prone to happen.

Reckless Co-Workers

You can be injured due to the recklessness of one of your co-workers if they are not following proper safety guidelines.

File for Workers’ Compensation

If you have been seriously injured and it has affected your life by giving you high medical bills, required healthcare in your future, or has prevented you from returning to work, you might be candidate for workers’ compensation. Visit our workers’ compensation page to learn more and give our San Diego lawyers at Joseph C. Crudo, PLC a call for a free consultation. Contact us today!