Are you a frequent user of public transportation? If so, and you were injured while using it, you may have a valid public transportation injury case. Joseph Crudo, PLC in San Diego, CA offers you experience in such cases and encourages anyone who believes they have such a case to read on and learn more.

After all, as a lawyer in San Diego, he has seen people injured on many forms of public transportation. While you might think you need an injury attorney for a bus injury or even a trolley injury, you should know that public transportation can mean:

  • Planes
  • Taxis or water taxis
  • Trains and subways
  • Ferries
  • Buses (including school and hired coaches)
  • Escalators and moving walkways
  • Shuttles (such as those at airports or at hotels)
  • Limousines, and much more

Clearly, if you have sustained some sort of injury or property damage due to an incident on any of those modes of transportation listed, it is a good idea to contact a knowledgeable attorney in San Diego straight away. Claiming a public transportation injury is a bit more complex than it might seem, and the sooner you have an expert assessing your case, gathering information and evidence, and making all the necessary legal filings, the faster you can be compensated for unnecessary injuries or damages.

What sort of issues qualify as a public transportation injury? To this point we have used only the idea of an injury or damages while riding or using public transportation. Let’s consider some specifics that might qualify as a public transportation injury that you can pursue in the courts. There are obvious issues like vehicle accidents while riding the transportation, but there are also unmarked hazard injuries, problems caused by faulty equipment, and other issues that might lead to an injury.

Injuries can be obvious, such as broken limbs, cuts and bruises and more serious issues like back injuries, paralyzation and even death. No matter how minor or severe, the fact that you were injured is not your fault and medical costs, damages and other issues should not be on your shoulders.

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